Is it safe


Hi Iv just started having sex with my bf nw he wants to try without condoms but im scared of gettin pregnant. he says withdraws is safe but im not sure, is it safe?


Hi @000 withdrawal method is not safe, especially not if you are just starting having sex. Controlling and antisipating when you will cum is really hard for a guy, especially when he is having sex for the first time. You can also get pregnant from what is called pre-cum, before ejecualtion. It sounds like your boyfriend is pressuring you a bit, which isn’t right! Never feel preassured into a desicion you aren’t comfortable or secure with. If the problem he has is the way it feels, I’d suggest using lube (including a drop but no more inside the condom before he puts it on) and trying out different condom brands and sizes/textures - it isn’t one size fits all with condoms! Try talking to him about it, and figure out why he wants to try without a condom AND if that is something you want as well! Write back if you want to talk.


Agree with the post above! I wouldn’t go for the withdrawl method in your situation! Its not a contraceptive method you can rely on.
See if you can talk to your Dr or clinic about the pill or other contraceptive methods, if you want to have condom-less sex. Don’t worry if you are young, a sexual health clinic will help you regardless of your age!