Is she pregnant


If I had sex first with a condom and then cleaned and then did it straight after without a condom what is the chances she could get pregnant?


Hi @Yeahyou
Thanks for your question. I think you are asking - if you have sex twice in a row is this less likely to cause a pregnancy? Is that correct? If so, the answer is that it does not make any difference, the risk of pregnancy is the same.

If this has happened recently you might want to consider emergency contraception. You can take the emergency contraceptive pill up to 120 hours of unprotected sex and you can get an emergency coil fitted sometimes even later than that. You can get the emergency contraceptive pill from sexual health services or GPs and most pharmacies. In some pharmacies it is free and in some pharmacies you have to pay - it depends on the area. This page on NHS Choices will help you find out where to get emergency contraception in your area.

You can get the emergency contraceptive coil from a sexual health clinic.

You can find out more about emergency contraception here

If it happened more than three weeks ago then you should consider doing a pregnancy test. You can buy one at a pharmacy or get one for free at a sexual health clinic.

Hope this is helpful.