IUD Copper Coil - late period



I had the IUD Copper Coil fitted in November 18. I have had a period every month since and lasted around 8 days with my cycle being roughly 30 days.
My last period was 19th of February and lasted 8 days… I have still not had my March period.
Back pain - check
stomach pain - check
Symptoms but no bleeding yet.

Should I be concerned? @Dr_Paula Can you help?


Hello @jesscarr93

Thanks for your question.

I think in this situation it would be really important to make sure that you are not pregnant as soon as possible.

No method of contraception is 100% effective and if I saw you in clinic a pregnancy test is the first thing that I would do.

If that was negative then I would assess your risk of infection and I would usually do an infection check.

So it seems like a pregnancy test and an appointment with the person who fitted the coil might be the first things to do.

Hope this is helpful.