IUD copper coil


Hi @Dr_Paula I’m new on this forum and wanted some information about the IUD.
I had it fitted in 2014 and have never had any problems other than the usual side effects I.e. heavier periods. However most recently I have been suffering with cramping before during and after a cycle. I have just had a period and the cramping is almost contraction like they come and go in waves but reach a pain score of 5-6 some I’m having to breathe through. I have regular periods but if I’m totally honest I dont check my threads as I was never shown how to and after a failed attempts I gave up trying. I’m just a little worried as these painful periods is a new thing for me I’ve also been feeling nauseous and sick with it.
Many thanks Jo


Hello Joanne29

Many thanks for your question and welcome to this forum.

It sounds as though it would be a good idea to get your coil checked. At the very least it would be useful to go back to the person who fitted it (or a similar service) and ask them to check it for you, but it may also be useful to have a pelvic ultrasound scan so that you can be sure that it is sitting in the right place. Coils can shift slightly and the size and shape of your womb can change slightly over time so it would be a useful thing to get it checked out.

Hope this is helpful.