IUD Displacement



I’m just looking for a bit more information around knowing my IUD is in place correctly and the signs of displacement.

I am confident mine is fine as I had an appointment 3 weeks ago where the doctor checked and confirmed that my coil is in place correctly. I also just finished my period so I know I am not pregnant.

I am pretty sure I can now feel the threads when I was struggling to before. Well, I can feel one thread - might they both be stuck together? Should you feel two separate threads?

Also, just for my piece of mind:

  • How common is it for an IUD to get displaced?
  • What would cause this to happen?
  • What signs would you notice if this had happened?

@Dr_Paula & other professionals, are you able to share any info on this topic please?

Many thanks,


Hi @sadie

In answer to your questions:

About 1 in 20 IUDs get displaced.
It usually happens in the first 3 months but it can happen at any time
It usually occurs during a period.
It is the result of the normal contractions of the uterus that you get during a period
Many women don’t notice anything at the time of expulsion - just a heavy period
Very often the threads sit together so you may only feel one - they are quite fine - like thin nylon fishing line

Happy to give more detail on any of the above if you need further information.

Many thanks



Thanks @Dr_Paula.

And just so I have a better idea, where do the threads normally sit when the IUD is placed correctly? I think mine are tucked round to the side of my cervix?



Hi @sadie

Yes, absolutely, they usually sit tucked round to the side of the cervix.

Many thanks