IUD heavy period



Hi, I hope this page can help me.

For 15+ years I was taking the Depo. It seemed to work for me as I suffer with serve migraines. I didn’t appreciate at the time but also meant I did not have periods:

With lockdown and not having access to Depo I had to take the non hormonal pill. I found it did not work for me.

Went back on the Depo but this time round I was grumpy and migraine attacks were more frequent.

In November I had the copper coil. Oh my ever since my periods have been so heavy. I am thankful I am wfh as I honestly can not leave the house without changing pads so frequently and still getting leakage.

I do not want to have more children and just wonder what would be wthe best option for me to ideally stop my periods but not take hormones due to my severe migraines.

Explored sterilization but that doesn’t even stop your period.

Help please members of the group and @Dr_Paula


Hello @BrumSarah

Many thanks for your question.

Have you considered the hormone coil? Most of the hormone is concentrated in the uterus with very little going around the blood stream. It is excellent at controlling heavy bleeding.

Could this work at all?

Many thanks,