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I’m thinking of getting either the iud or ius fitted but I’m not too sure which one to get as I don’t really want any side effects just wondering which one would be better for me.


Hi @Caroline_Loose

Many thanks for your question.

We have just finished developing a contraceptive comparator where you can compare the side effects of different methods - this might help.

I will ask our designers if they have a prototype version which you could use.

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Thanks. I’m currently on the implant but getting it removed this week as I have been having lots of bleeding and really bad moods. So I’m looking at different options.


Great - I have messaged our designers - they will respond in the morning.

In the meantime you could start with our information pages here https://sh24.org.uk/contraception

In terms of the differences between the implant and the two types of coil - particularly their influences on bleeding and mood.

The copper coil tends to give you a regular period (whatever your natural cycle is) but a bit longer and a bit heavier. Often spotting a few days before and afterwards and then a period that is heavier than normal.
It contains no hormones so should not affect your mood.

The hormone coil tends to give you a lot of irregular bleeding in the first 6 months which gradually improves so that most people are not bleeding at all by the end of the first year. Most of the hormones that it releases are concentrated in the womb but you will get some circulating hormone so there is a small chance that it could affect your mood.

More information here:

There is more information on having a coil fitted here.

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