'Jumping through hoops to get the morning after pill'



There is an interesting post this week on whether you can take several progestagen only pills (mini pills) at one time instead of getting the morning after pill Do i really need the morning after pill?

Thanks @Redz for asking the question. Its an important one. It reminds me that you may need to jump through hoops and often pay money to get the morning after pill - this doesn’t make any sense to me.

The hoops include:

  • trying to get a GP appointment
  • long waits at walk-in clinics
  • asking for it at the pharmacy counter
  • traveling long distances if your live in rural areas
  • trying to work out whether you are eligible for free emergency contraception.

Whether you can access it for free varies from area to area. NHS choices will tell you the pharmacies near you that stock it but who can get it free. And its embarrassing - People have told us that they see it as a sign of having ‘made a mistake’.

So its no surprise that - only one quarter of women who have had a pregnancy risk in the UK and who wish to avoid pregnancy actually use EC.

We at SH:24 would like to provide it online. We did a poll on twitter of 160 women from all over the UK we asked ‘would you be comfortable ordering the morning after pill online?’ 30% responded ‘yes definitely’ and 41% ‘if it got there on time’, 11% said ‘no never’. What do you think? You would have to wait for it to arrive in the post - this could take 24 hours.

While we are talking about emergency contraception - here are some key facts:

  1. If you weigh over 70 Kgs and you are taking the levonorgestrel morning after pill then you will need to take 2.
  2. You can take emergency contraception twice in one cycle if you need it
  3. The copper IUD is the most effective method of emergency contraception - nearly 100% effective

Would you order emergency contraception online?