Late period on non hormonal coil



My period is already4 days late this month and doesn’t feel like it is coming. However I did check my coil the month before last and it was fine (I have had it for 2 and a half years and never had a problem). I am now extremely anxious and keep checking for my period and I’m wondering if this is delaying it more. I am never usually later than 2 days on my period but this month have had a lot of lifestyle changes after going from working full time into lockdown for the past 8 days. Should I take a test and when is the best time to do so?


Hello @Lilacgr

It is so easy to take a test, that I would definitely advise you to do so.

They are usually positive at the time of a missed period if you are pregnant.

They take 3 weeks from the pregnancy risk until they are positive so if you period does not come then you can always check another one in a couple of weeks time.

Having said that, stress can affect your period and if the pregnancy test is negative then this could be the cause.

It might also be worth feeling for your coil threads again.

Many thanks



Thank you for the response. I am now 5-6 days late on my period and took a pregnancy test. It came back negative. I am not sure therefore of what the next steps are?


It is very reassuring that your pregnancy test is negative. Most sexual health clinics at the moment are closed due to Covid 19 but they are usually offering telephone consultations. I think it would be worth contacting your local sexual health service and talking this through with them.

Many thanks