Late pill


I think I’ve been a bit stupid and unsure what to do.
I took my pill as normal yesterday morning, I had sex last night and then woke up late today therefore my pill ended up being late. The information I have read online is very confusing and I don’t know if I have to seek emergency contraception or if I’m okay.
On Saturday I took my pill 9am and then today I took it at 10:45am.
Please help! @Dr_Paula


Hello @JNK1996

It sounds like you are OK. If you are taking a desogestrel containing progestagen only pill then you have 12 hours to take it, so you can be up to 12 hours late and still be OK. If you are taking the older types of progestagen only pill (much less common) you have 3 hours to take it, so you should still be OK then too.

That is if I have understood. your timing correctly.

Many thanks



I am on cerezette have been for years. I had sex last Thursday had a spot bleed friday and think I missed a pill Monday after didn’t realise until Tuesday 24 hours later what are Mt chances of being pregnant? Help please