Latest Guidance on Combined Hormonal Contraception


Hi All

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care have just issued some new guidance on combined hormonal methods of contraception (the combined pill, the patch and the ring).

Whats new?

You can get a one year supply of the pill - even for your first prescription - you still need your blood pressure and height and weight checked every year.

People starting the pill for the first time and those who are already on it should be offered the option of the new ‘extended use’ where you have a break less often. We have already discussed these in another top pick here New safe ways to take the combined pill (and bleed less often!)

I think thats about it in terms of stuff thats really new - but its a good time to refresh our knowledge about this really popular method of contraception - so if you have questions let me know.

Its also a good time to remind ourselves of the health benefits of the combined pill which are:

It can improve heavy periods, period pain and improve acne and PMS. It can reduce recurrence of endometriosis after surgery and it can reduce the symptoms of Polycystic ovary syndrome.

It also reduces the risk of endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and bowel cancer.

Many thanks