Loestrin 20




About Loestrin20 product, if I take it for 21 days already (finish the pack on Friday) and followed by 7 days break. Then I have to start a new pack on next Saturday. Am I right? Or it should be on next Friday? Thank you very much.


Hi @willy

If you finish your pack on a friday then I am assuming that you started it on a saturday. So after you take your last pill on friday you have 7 days with no pills and start your next pill on a saturday. So you if you start your first pack on a saturday then you always start your subsequent packs on a saturday.

There are other ways to take the pill - see here New safe ways to take the combined pill (and bleed less often!)

And there is a video on the SH:24 website of how to take the pill in the traditional way here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr62cevMExM