Long Periods of Bleeding



I’ve been really struggling with my periods. I was on cerazette for a few years to help stop my periods due to the heavy ness and irregularities this worked for a few years and I was period free! However at the end of last year I found it stopped working and I was bleeding nearly the same amount as I did before. I also started using it as a contraceptive so was happy to try the implant as this meant not having to worry about remembering to take cerazette. This was a recommended change by my GP. However I’ve had the impant for 6 months which have been awful. The main concern is a family history of infertility and endometriosis which I why I’m so worried. I spoke to a gynaecologist over the phone (due to covid) about three months ago, due to my concerns about 2 weeks bleeding and 2 weeks off, he informed me to give it another 3 months to see if it settles . This settled my nerves for a while however I’ve since been bleeding for at the moment for 19 days straight from light to heavy bleeding and only a 7 day gab between this and the period before. I’m really struggling with feeling listened to by my GPs. I always seem to get the you’re young don’t worry about fertility and we can’t really diagnose endo (which I understand due to the need of invasive surgery) but I’m starting to feel very lost. I have depression and anxiety and the constant bleeding and pain is causing huge amounts of stress. I am so lost on what to do and feel slightly embarrassed to go back to my GP to once again be dismissed.

I also can’t take to combined pill due to history of migraines.

Do I continue with the implant? Is the bleeding a sign something else is wrong? Any suggestions?

I know this is long so I apologise but Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply


Hello @OliviaRose

Many apologies for my slow response, I am just playing catch up after coming back from holiday.

Sounds like there are two different issues here:

  1. Heavy and irregular periods and
  2. Concerns about future subfertility

In terms of the heavy and irregular periods. The implant has a very variable effect on people’s periods. It can stop them all together but it can also cause lots of irregular bleeding itself. Usually once you have been on it for 3 months and the bleeding pattern has established itself then it is unlikely to change. So, if the implant is causing a lot of irregular bleeding and it is getting you down then you should probably have it taken out and think about something else for both contraception and bleeding control. Obviously combined methods are good for bleeding control and contraception so you should check carefully whether your migraines should stop you taking them. It is only migraines with aura (symptoms that happen before the headache, such as flashing lights or changes to sensation) that should stop you taking combined methods. If you cannot take combined methods then you could also consider a hormone coil - uncomfortable to fit but can stop periods all together or the injectable - again a significant proportion of people stop bleeding.

  1. Future risk of subfertility. On this I agree with your doctor. There are so many things that affect subfertility that whatever tests are done now are irrelevant as they may have changed by the time that you plan to have children.

It is however important to exclude non-contraceptive causes of irregular bleeding, so doing a check for infections seems sensible and a pregnancy test and if you are old enough to have a smear test making sure that you are up to date with your smears.

Do you think it might be a good idea to make a telephone appointment with your local sexual health service and talk through your options in detail?

Sorry again for my slow response.

Many thanks