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Hi all
I’ve been on the mini pill since February, I had a normal period in the first month and that’s been it. I’ve had a couple of occasions with spotting, but I’ve currently been on for 10 days but it starts in the morning, and disappears by the evening then starts up again the next morning, but it seems to be fresh blood every day, anyone else experienced this? @Dr_Paula


Hello @Minty2701

Many thanks for your question.

Bleeding patterns on the mini pill can be quite irregular - this is a summary for the desogestrol containing pill - this is the most commonly used type of mini pill.

Over a 3 month period
● 5 in 10 women will have no bleeding or have infrequent bleeding
● 4 in 10 women can expect to have 3–5 bleeding spotting/episodes
● 1 in 10 women can expect >6 bleeding/spotting episodes (frequent bleeding).
In addition:
● 2 in 10 women will experience bleeding/spotting episode lasting >14 days (prolonged

So the bleeding pattern can be really unpredictable. If I see people with this problem in clinic then I always advise a pregnancy test (just in case - this is one cause of irregular bleeding that we always exclude), we consider testing for sexually transmitted infections and also make sure that the person’s smear test is up to date. So it is always worth at least thinking about other causes of bleeding before you assume it is the mini pill.

I really hope that the bleeding settles down.

Many thanks


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