Mirena coil cramps


I’ve had the mirena coil since February of this year and on the whole it’s absolutely fine. I got on and off cramps for the first 6 months or so. I check my strings regularly and that’s all fine but I’m still getting these random cramps and stabby kind of pain in what feels like my cervix. This doesn’t seem to be caused by anything and occurs randomly in the week sometimes as much as twice but sometimes not at all ( more intense when I’m due a period or sometimes after sex.) any advice? Is this normal or not?

I’ve got no other symptoms at all. Thank you!


Hello Amber

Many thanks for your question. Some people do feel cramps in the way that you are describing. Sometimes it can be helpful to do an ultrasound scan just to check that the coil is correctly positioned. I know that you can feel your threads which is reassuring and means that it is approximately in the correct place, but it would be nice to know how it is sitting in the uterus.

Many thanks