Mirena coil pain



Is it normal to still be getting cramps daily 3 weeks after coil fitting? Cramps feel like period pain, but goes down one leg. Sometimes a stabbing pain in the cervix area. @Dr_Paula


Hello @Amber

I am looping some others who have talked about their experience with coil fitting into this in case they can add something @jellybelly, @reemisk , @Olivia_Metson, @Salamander

Basically - when you have the coil fitted you put something new into your womb which definitely stimulates some cramping, period type pain as it stimulates the womb to contract around something that is not usually there. This is quite common - the womb contracts during your period to expel period blood and also to control the bleeding. The pain comes from the strong muscle contractions that cause cramp in the muscle - like cramp in your leg.

I think there are two things that could be concerning and that you should consider. This might mean a visit to the clinician who fitted it.

The first is whether the womb has managed to push the coil out. You can check this by feeling for your threads. Let me know if you want more help to find out how to do this. Otherwise if you visit the person who fitted it, they will examine you and check the threads are in the correct place.

Second is infection. Sometimes if you have infection sitting at the entrance to the womb then the process of coil fitting can push the infection up into the womb itself. This is uncommon but can cause pain and/or bleeding in the first 6 weeks. Many coil fitters will assess your risk of infection or do a test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea before fitting the coil. Again, if you visit the person who fitted it they will test for infection and examine for signs of infections.

Finally, this could just be part of the process of the coil settling down. Some people have period type pain for some time after the coil is fitted. If this is the case then treating the pain like period pain can help.

And as an after thought - contraceptive doctors are always completely paranoid about pregnancy in anyone who is bleeding. So if there was any doubt about pregnancy at the time that the coil was fitted than a pregnancy test would be important.

Hope this is helpful and do let me know if anything is unclear.

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Thank you for getting back to me! I’ve checked the threads and they are there, I can’t feel anything unusual. I also had swabs when it was put in and they came back clear. Is it okay to be taking painkillers daily to help with the pain?


Hi Amber

Yes it is OK to take painkillers daily if you do not exceed the recommended dose on the packet.

I think if you feel that it is getting better over the next few days then that is fine.

However, if it continues to be a problem then you should make an appointment with the person who fitted it.

Sometimes it is helpful to have it checked - just for peace of mind so that you don’t need to keep worrying about it.

You probably have an appointment for a 6 week check anyway - so bringing this a little earlier could be a good thing.

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Hi @Amber

I had a few cramps after my coil was fitted but nothing like what you are having. I did go back for a 6 week check to see if the coil was still in place - I was a bit worried about the amount of bleeding I’d had. This took all of 5 minutes and I was able to ask the GP some additional questions. If you’re worried, just go back and see them, the appointment doesn’t take long and it will save you worrying when (hopefully) this is something that will pass.


Thank you! I do have an appt on the 3rd but might have to go before then. I’ve also had no bleeding since it was fitted which is kinda odd?