Mirena coil - panic attacks


Hey @Dr_Paula

Ive had my mirena coil fitted in September 6 weeks after having my little boy. I’m unsure when my back pain began but it got worse in November time on and off. At the end of December, had my first panic attack started in my back felt like my back was breaking than the breathing happened. Was the most pertfiying thing that ever happened to me. After 2 days my skin turned yellow and my pee was bright orange. Subsided and felt back to normal but got a period a few days later. This month I’ve had another one and same thing happened.

Can anyone lighten me if this is associate or could be associate with my coil.


Hello @Elaine

Many thanks for your question.

Many people feel pain from their uterus in their back - so that could be associated with your coil.

I would recommend that you contact the person who fitted the coil. They should see you even in lock down if you are having pain from coil. They will do an internal examination and see whether moving the womb during the examination re-creates the pain that you are feeling. They will also check to see whether the coil threads are in the correct place.

Hope helpful.