Mirena Coil replacement



I’ve had my Mirena coil for 5 years and it’s provided great relief from my endometriosis.

We are planning to try to conceive some time in the next year but my 5 years with the coil is now.

I’m not sure whether to exchange it for another coil or try the POP? I had my original coil fitted under GA so I’m very worried about a painful fitting.

I am also concerned about progesterone side effects such as skin changes, loss of libido. I’m worried that switching to the pill will increase these side effects.

Should I stick with the coil for another perhaps year or try switching to the pill?

I cannot go back to just using condoms just in case my endometrisosis symptoms return.

Thanks :slight_smile:



I think going on the pill is a good idea as it is much easier to go off it when you feel ready to conceive. But I definitely understand your worry about side effects! What is good is that if you stop side effects should clear up quickly. I wonder is there perhaps a specific brand that has the same synthetic hormone at Mirena @Dr_Paula? Maybe starting with that would be your best bet, although I have heard the level of hormone can also affect side effects, not just the type of hormone.

What I would do is if you decide to try the pill is keep track of your side effects, give yourself a set time you want to wait to see if they settle down, and if you are still unhappy with it at the end of that period then switch back to the coil or to a different type of POP.

But I totally get the hesitation of switching when something is working for you… has anyone had any experience of switching from the coil to the pill? Did it work for you?


Hi @misseb

There is a lot of information on the process of IIUS fitting here that might be helpful.



Thank you so much both for your detailed replies.

I have decided to give the POP a go and see how I get on!


Many thanks for letting us know @misseb

I hope this works out for you and do let us know how you get on.

Many thanks