Mirena to copper coil - can I change yet?



@Dr_Paula I wanted to ask if I can ask to change coil yet (especially in lockdown) or if I will have to wait for it to be 6 months?

I had the Mirena fitted at the beginning of October 2020 because I was fed up with almost constant bleeding on the implant (had 2 back to back and they both did that from about 1.5-2 years in, so I wanted to try something else).

The bleeding has pretty much stopped but I now have almost constant bloating and feel like my mood swings have got even worse!! I did have some issues with bloating and moods on the implant but not this much. As an extra joy my already large boobs have got even bigger. I wouldn’t change for that alone if it was otherwise working for me, but it’s not ideal.

Can I get it changed yet or will I be told to wait for 6 months after Mirena was inserted to see if it settles? I thought there might be some let up at 3 months but nope, no change at 4 months now. I wish I’d just gone for the copper coil now back in October, but I was attracted by the idea of no periods potentially on Mirena. I think I would rather have periods now (mine were average before the implant I think, not the lightest but not super heavy).

Can I have this done in lockdown? I’m not sure what’s operating and if they will only do emergencies (I’m in London). Obviously this isn’t an emergency and there are many more urgent things so I would understand if I need to wait. However, I know there can be a delay getting appts so it might be even more time if I have to wait for 6 months, then make an appointment.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hello @Hera2020

All the services seem to be operating slightly different systems, but basically they are doing telephone triage - so you can usually book a telephone appointment and they will talk through the issue and provide simple advice and then if they feel that it is urgent then they will make you an emergency appointment.

It could not hurt to call your local service and see what they say.

Many thanks



Many thanks, I will give that a try.