Miss 2 pills



Currently taking microgynon, been on it for 7+ years. I admittedly am bad at taking my pill and the same time and sometimes miss one and end up taking 2 at once. This time, ive missed the last 2 days before my 7 day break, so I missed thursday and Friday, came on my period on the saturday and took them straight away. Now ofc im on my break, had unprotected sex with my bf and im unsure what to do. Will I need EC here? I am really obsessed with not getting pregnant and angry as i usually would use protection here just too be safe. I am able to get EC but don’t want to take if unnecessary? Can anyone advise?


Hello I am really sorry for being slow replying to this as it was clearly something that you needed urgent advice on. In general if you miss 2 pills in a row then you should not take your 7 day break.

Did you get EC?

Many thanks,