Missed pill - what are my chances of being pregnant?



I had a 7 day break from my pill between 28th May and 3rd June, starting the new pack on 4th June.

I missed the second pill of the pack (5th) and continued taking them as normal the following day and have been taking one every day since.

I had unprotected sex during the weekend of 31st May-2nd June and had unprotected sex once on the 8th or 9th June.

I know that as I missed a pill after a 7 day break this puts me at risk of pregnancy but I wanted to know what the chances are given the dates I had unprotected sex around missing the pill?

In a few days I’m planning on taking a 5 day break to see if I have any withdrawal bleeding as an indicator then I am thinking about taking a test.

I’ve had no symptoms really except bloating (which could be a result of just eating a lot of food) and frequent urination, however this is something I experience anyway as I drink a lot of fluids, so unsure if I’m just overthinking these symptoms as I’m wondering if I could be pregnant. Aside from this I had a small amount of white discharge on one day which I know sometimes indicates pregnancy but I have also experienced this in the past when not pregnant. I’ve had no implantation bleeding or cramping etc or nausea.

So what are my chances of being pregnant, and if I do experience a withdrawal bleed how likely am I to not be pregnant?



Hello Amanda

Many thanks for your question and apologies for my slow response - I have been away for a couple of days.

In answer to your question. If you are on the combined pill (containing oestrogen and progestagen), this is what it sounds like from your story then if you miss one pill then you do not need to use any additional contraception but if you miss 2 or more pills then you need to use additional contraception for the following 7 days.

A missed pill is a pill that is more than 24 hours late.

So it sounds to me like you only missed one pill. In this case your risk of pregnancy would be very low indeed.

It would be a good idea to finish the packet as normal and then take your break as normal.

If you are concerned about pregnancy then you could do a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the pregnancy risk (it takes this long to show that it is positive). It is not generally considered to be a good idea to stop the pill to see if you have a withdrawal bleed as a form of pregnancy test - this is not reliable as some people continue to have withdrawal bleeds during pregnancy.

Hope this is helpful, do come back to me if you have any further questions.

Many thanks



Hi thanks Dr Paula. I took a digital test this morning and it came back negative.

I did decide to take a break from my pill yesterday too so today is my second day of my break and I’ve had some brown discharge this morning. I know this can be a symptom of pregnancy but do you think this is normal when taking combined pill break?

Planning on taking a second test ina. Few days just to make sure, do you also think digital tests are accurate or should I do a pink dye test for more accurate result?



( I took a full 3 weeks of the pill before taking my break so I was due a break anyway )


Hello @Amanda

That all sounds good. If the pregnancy test is 3 weeks after the pregnancy risk then that should be fine. I have not used the digital tests, we only use the dye ones in clinics so I am not sure - might be worth doing an old fashioned one? I will do some research on digital ones and do a post here - it is definitely something to find out more about.

Many thanks