Missing a pill



Can I be pregnant? More than a month ago I missed my combined contraception pill (14th day, 14 hours of delay). I had sex one day before and 5 days after (!) - no condom but no cum inside. 5 days after I got my withdrawal bleeding (normal time and structure). 15 days after the sex I had a small bleeding (the night before I had experienced a big stress episode). I took 3 pregnancy tests - 22, 24 and 29 days after the intercourse - each one was negative. Now I am not having my period because I’m not doing the 7 days break. Is there still a chance of pregnancy? I’m feaking out, please help me. @Dr_Paula


Hello, many thanks for your question. Usually we would only worry about a missed pill if it was more than 24 hours late - so I don’t think that your 14 hours late counts as a missed pill. So I don’t think you would have had any break in your contraceptive cover. Pregnancy tests are take up to 21 days to become positive after a pregnancy risk so you have had 3 negative pregnancy tests more than 21 days after the sex that you were worried about.

So I think it is very, very unlikely that you are pregnant.

Hope helpful


Thank you very, very much!