Need Advice now Cilest is Discontinued



Hi All,

Need some advice I am feeling extremely anxious now that Cilest has been discontinued and I am at a loss as to what it will be replaced with as I have had bad experiences with other brands in the past with weight gain and mood disruption. I have been on Cilest for the past 9 years and never had an issue it literally changed my life as I had horrendous period pain and heavy bleeding which cripple me a few days in the month.

I have been reading Clique is a replacement with the same ingredients but I am very dubious.

Does anyone have any advice or reassurance they could provide? @Dr.Paula?




Cilest has 250 micrograms of norgestimate and 35 micrograms of ethinyl oestradiol. Cilique has the same ingredients, so does Lizinna.

This is quite common - once a drug company makes a new product they have sole licence to sell this for 10 years but once this comes of patent then other companies make copies (called generics).

You should not experience any difference between them.

Many thanks