Needing a question answered about my sterilisation


@Dr_Paula just a quick question as I’ve thought about this for a very long time since having my first child…in 21 with 2 children 1 boy 1 girl that are 15 months apart, I also suffer from post natal depression and the forms of contraceptives I’ve used (implant, injection, pill) have made it considerably worse and I refuse to get a coil and also suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease. But anyway I’ve had my referral letter for just over 2 weeks from my GP and I’m still waiting to hear back from my local hospital/gynaecologist on whether I will be able to have my sterilisation…how likely would you say I would be able to have mine done?
Thank you in advance


Hello @Sadie_Strangechild_M

Many thanks for your question. It is an important one. I really don’t know whether the hospital gynaecologist will agree to do the sterilisation.

I looked up the guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. They advise that one of the risks of sterilisation is regret. This is what the guidance says

'Regret, leading to a request for reversal of female sterilisation which is usually unavailable on the National Health Service. Regret is common, and more common if sterilisation is undertaken below 30 years of age, if the woman is childless, or if there is conflict between the woman and her partner. Regret is also more common when sterilisation is undertaken at the time of an abortion. ’

So this is what will be concerning any gynaecologist. They will be worried that something in your life could change in the future so that you would be in a different situation and in this different situation e.g. a new partner who does not have children you might regret the sterilisation.

I am not sure whether this type of thinking is OK or not, but this is certainly what will be concerning them.

Do let me know how you get on or if I can provide any other information.

Many thanks