New pill different ingredients


Just received my first order.
I was struggling to make an appointment at my clinic during this pandemic. SH24 is a life saver.

It’s different to the pill I usually take. Would this have any effect?
The pill I have received is Levest, and I usually take Lucette.

I have researched that Levest is similar to rigevidon, I can remember having this pill in the past so I am happy to use it.
And lucette is similar to Yasmin.
I believe I changed to lucette for skin benefits.

However at the moment I am having some hormone issues showing higher levels of pituitary hormone and I am concerned changing pills may interrupt these tests.

Should I take the new pill Levest regardless?
Or can I request a type of pill like lucette to be delivered?


Hello @Courtney
Thanks for your question. We only stock one type of pill at the moment. Levest as you say is the same as rigevidon which is the same as microgynon.

Lucette/Yasmin might be better for your skin.

As long as the doctors who are checking your pituitary hormone know that you are on the pill - it does not matter which type - although most pills will affect those tests so it may be worth checking that they do know.

Many thanks