Nexplanon didn't help cramps


I’ve suffered horrific period pains and huge amounts of blood loss that have been gradually getting worse all my life. Every doctor I’ve been too has ignored my concern and prescribed me more medication. I’ve been ignored and brushed off as “paranoid” even after being taken to hospital (only to be sent home again) but now I’m sure something is wrong. I’ve tried Naproxen, Codeine, Tramadol, Buscopan, Traxenamic acid, Menfenamic acid and now I have the Nexplanon implant in my arm. I was assured that this would stop my pain as I wouldn’t ovulate. I am in such agony that I cannot go to work, or even move. I’ve been sick becuase of the pain and there is still a lot of blood. I got the implant about a month ago and things have only increased getting worse. I’m worried that I have endometriosis (and have been for years) but doctors don’t LISTEN to me. Please help!


Hello @mollymonkey

Thanks for your post.
It sounds like you have been suffering with bad period pains for a long time and that they are really affecting your life.

The person who suggested the implant was working on the correct assumption that periods where there is no ovulation tend to be less heavy and less painful. I have just looked up the data on to what extent the implant prevents ovulation. It seems that the implant prevents ovulation in 97% of women. I am aware that this is not 100% and that maybe as your periods seem to be regular on the implant you are continuing to ovulate.

I was wondering whether you need a method that stops bleeding all together?
The two things that are most likely to do this are the hormone coil (IUS) or combined methods. There is some evidence that the IUS improves symptoms of endometriosis but obviously there is no guarantee. If you have no contraindications to the combined pill then you could possibly try this on top of your implant. You could take it continuously for 3 months and see whether this stops your bleeding all together and whether this sorts out your pain. If this was the case then you might consider removing the implant and just taking the pill continuously (see the top pick on new ways to take the pill). New safe ways to take the combined pill (and bleed less often!)

I am aware that you are concerned about endometriosis - this is the patient information leaflet on endometriosis from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - its fairly comprehensive about causes, symptoms and treatments. Sounds like you have already done a lot of research already but this may help.

Many thanks