Nexplanon menopause and bleeding



I am on my 3rd nexplanon implant and I have been really happy with it. Especially the fact I don’t have any monthly bleeding. I have had this implant for one year and am confused because have starting bleeding. It’s been on and off now for about 3 weeks. I’m even more confused because I have recently turned 50 and was expecting some menopause symptoms to start kicking in, but bleeding was not one of them!
I am currently living away from home, in Chile, and have limited language here so am nervous about going to the doctor. Can you advise me if this could be menopause related, should I be worried, should I just wait and see what happens, is this common?
Sorry for all the questions but I am starting to get fed up of it as well as concerned.


Hello @rachel

Many thanks for your question.

I don’t think I can give you advice but I can offer some information that may help you make your decision.

Implants, as you know are associated with highly variable bleeding patterns - so on its own the fact that you are bleeding is not unusual.

The problem is that current guidance (for everyone - not women on the implant) recommends that any bleeding between periods in women over the age of 40 should be investigated just to make sure that it is not endometrial hyperplasia - a condition that is treatable but without treatment can develop into cancer. You can see more about this here

It would also be routine practice to other causes of irregular bleeding such as sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

So, it is probably worth discussing this with a gynaecologist. How you manage this will be up to you both. They may advise an ultrasound scan to assess the lining of your womb they could take a sample of the lining of the womb for assessment or they may advise removing the implant to see whether the bleeding stops.

Hope this is helpful. I think it is very likely that the bleeding is caused by the implant but I am aware that it is also important to exclude other causes of bleeding.

Many thanks