I had nexplanon fitted on the 28th of November last year, I was on the third or fourth day of my period anyway and after I had it fitted my period stopped quickly (around 2 days after). Up until now I have experienced no bleeding whilst on the implant, I’m not in any pain in terms of cramps but I have been having stomach aches and the bleeding has been medium-heavy for just over 2 weeks now and it shows no signs of stopping. It’s a mixture of brown blood and red blood as well.
My periods weren’t irregular before the implant, I got them at the end of a month/beginning of the next month and they only lasted for about 4-5 days and varied from being heavy and light.
It’s just annoying, I read that you spot for the first month or so but I didn’t and I’m bleeding now.
Will this stop? Do I have to let my body adjust to it? I don’t want to be bleeding constantly I can’t afford to keep buying menstrual products.


Hello @Charld

Thanks for your question.

Irregular bleeding is very common on the implant.

The clinical guidance from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care says:

The bleeding pattern in the first 3 months often predicts bleeding patterns on the implant going forward.
30% of people have infrequent bleeding
20% have no bleeding
17% have long episodes of bleeding and
6% have frequent bleeding

Its worth looking around these discussions - lots of people have posted on their experience of bleeding on the implant.

Many thanks