No Contraceptives Working


I need help trying to find a contraceptive that will work for me.

Oral Pill: Used from 18-25 and only side effect was severe moodiness. Tried to get back on it at 31yrs old. I tired 3 different pills and bled non stop on each one and was severely moody again.

I then had an IUD (Merina) inserted. I now have very painful periods and irregular bleeding (not as bad as on the pill) the IUD has moved and is not sitting as it should be but it’s still fully in my uterus.

I also suffer from hydradenitis supportiva which had gone dormant but since using the pill and the merina it has come back in my armpits and groin.

The IUD has made my very heavy periods a bit lighter. But that’s about the only positive that I have had from the experience so far and i has bee in for 8 months.

I have been told by a doctor and gyno not to have the implanon rod as it will not be good for my periods and if Im bleeding erratically with an IUD then it will be no better with the rod in my arm. I have also been told not to have a copper IUD inserted as it usually makes periods heavier.

I have looked at going hormone free and working out ovulation by tracking my temperate but I have a thyroid condition and I have looked into this and it says that thyroid disorders impact/interfere with tracking temperatures.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?


Hello @Ash_Crawford

Thanks for sharing your contraceptive journey.

So, the things that occur to me are:

  1. Just to check that there are no other causes of bleeding - people often put irregular bleeding down to their contraceptive method but it is worth thinking about other causes as well - so it is worth just checking that you are up to date with your smear test and that you have had a recent sexual health check up.

  2. If you were using the progestagen only pill - then this can cause irregular bleeding - is there any reason why you should not use the combined pill (you may have medical reasons why not) and if the combined pill does not work have you considered the patch or the ring - both of which contain the two hormones oestrogen and progestagen.

  3. Have you considered the contraceptive injection. 70% of people using this do not bleed at all after the first 12 months - although you should be aware that 1 in 100 have a lot of irregular bleeding. It is a bit of a risk because once it is in you, it stays there for 3 months and you obviously cant take an injection out, but many people are very happy on it. It can make you hungrier though so think carefully if you are prone to putting on weight.

At least these are a few more things to think about.

Hope helpful