No sex drive


I had been taking Cilest since I was about 16 to 26/27 I had no issues on this what so ever, but was told they discovered it wasn’t as effective as thought and said I had to change, they then changed me to lowstrin 20 Which seemed to be fine apart from bloating for the first few months then there was a shortage and you can’t get it just now but I was only on it for about 4 months , I was then given Mericlon and I’ve gained a stone and a half and my sex drive has totally gone, I think it’s also been affecting my mood plus I’m down about having no sex drive, I’ve been on it for about a year now.

I’ve looked in to the copper coil but I’ve always had very light periods that don’t last long so I don’t want to them end up with heavy painful ones with the coil, any suggestions as to what to try? @Dr_Paula Thanks


Hello @Jennifer
Cilest was discontinued as a result of a commercial decision on the part of the manufacturer. There were no concerns about safety or effectiveness.

There are 2 other brands that have exactly the same active ingredients as Cilest. You may wish to try one of those. They are called Cilique and Lizinna.

Hope helpful