Non hormonal coil


Hi there,
I have had my non hormonal coil for well over a year now just wanted a bit of advice really!i keep spotting/bleeding a week or two before my actual period so sort of feel like I’m bleeding more than I should!instead of having just the one period a month!is this normal or something I’d should raise with my go?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Hi @Crazychick19
Thanks for your question. The non-hornomal coil does not usually change the pattern of your bleeding. You should continue to get a proper period then a break and then a proper period. It does sometimes make your period a bit longer, so for example you might have spot bleeding for the few days before and after your period - which does make your period longer.

If you are having irregular or unpredictable bleeding that is not in the usual pattern (a period then a gap then a period) then you should go to a clinic/your GP just to have the usual checks that we do on anyone who has irregular bleeding (e.g. a pregnancy test, making sure that you are up to date with your smear tests and doing a clinical examination). It does not mean that you necessarily have any problems but we would always check these things in anyone (on the coil or not) who has irregular bleeding.

Hope thats helpful.