Noriday - Progestogen Only Pill - Help



Hi there,

Writing here as really worried.

I have been on the pill for years and have never not taken one. I missed my Noriday pill on Saturday . The one I took on Sunday was infact Saturdays and I didn’t realise until after I had some alone time with my husband. Sundays tablet was then taken 10pm. I always take it 6:45am.

Feel so stupid I was so distracted on Saturday that I forgot!!!

I have taken emergency contraception on Monday approx 12.5 hours after alone time happened.

My worry is, looking at my period tracker my last fertile day was 31st Aug - where alone time happened 1st Sept
I am scared to death I could be pregnant! Is it likely ?

Leveonelle is the EC I took on Monday says that this will stop me ovulating but my worry is I had already ovulated and was just out of my fertile window by 1 day.

I have a bleed every month with Noriday - does this mean I do still produce an egg each month?

Can I really get pregnant by missing the pill by just the 1 day?

Thanks for your help in advance


Hello @thereisonlyonejackie

Many thanks for your question.

Am I understanding you correctly?

You missed a pill on Saturday 31st August and then had sex on Sunday 1st September. Your period tracker said that your last fertile day was 31st August. Does this mean that it predicted that you ovulated 48 hours before that on the 29th September? Then you took the emergency contraception on Monday 2nd September?

Some things that help you to predict your risk of pregnancy which I think must be small.

The progestagen only pill mainly works by thinning the lining of the womb and thickening the cervical mucus. The thick cervical mucus means that sperm cannot enter the womb and the thinning of the lining of the womb means that any fertilised egg is unlikely to implant. In some people it stops ovulation as well but as you are having regular periods it may not do so for you.

Some thoughts:

If your period tracker said that you were already past your fertile window at the time that you had sex then I think that is reassuring.

I agree that the morning after pill will not delay ovulation if you have already ovulated.

Probably the best thing is to accept that the risk of pregnancy is low but not zero. To not worry about this too much at the moment. To check that you are not pregnant by 1) waiting for your period which should be due in mid-September and 2) checking a pregnancy test 3 weeks after you had sex.

Hope this is helpful.

Many thanks