Oral chlamydia


Hi @Dr_Paula

I ordered one of the STI kits as I have recently got a new partner. However, since ordering the kit I have had a text message from an ex partner that I had unprotected oral sex with stating he has tested positive for chlamydia (we didn’t have penetrative sex). As I have had unprotected oral and penetrative sex with my new partner, if I did catch chlamydia orally from my old partner would I have then passed it to my new partner orally which has now been passed to me vaginally? I wanted to do the STI test to ensure myself and my new partner are clean but I’m wondering if it’s best if I do the swab vaginally or orally. What do you think is best and will get the most accurate result?

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Hello @J123

Thanks for your question. It would definitely be a good idea to do a vaginal chlamydia swab. If an oral chlamydia swab is also offered by the service that you use then it would be a good idea to do that too. Sometimes people have chlamydia just in the throat, but as you say, very often they have genital infection too.

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Thanks for your reply @Dr_Paula

The kit only has a vaginal swab in it but I did see on someone else’s question that this swab can also be used orally so I didn’t know whether to use it as a oral swab instead. But as I’ve now had unprotected sex would you say it’s better to do use the swab vaginally?

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Hello J123

I think it is better to do the vaginal sway.

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Okay, thank you very much for getting back to me @Dr_Paula, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: