Oral sti symptoms


@Dr_Paula hi, i recently received my negative results from urine, throat, blood and anal samples.
Since then my throat as shown all symptoms of a oral sti, lumps on back if tongue, yellow coating at back of throat and discomfort swallowing. I have been under extreme stress over the last 2 weeks and i have no other symptoms else where that i first thought i had resulting in me requesting a home test kit. What are the chances of my results being a false negative? Obviously no test is 100% accurate.


Hello @Macca2020

Most throat infections with STIs show no symptoms at all. So it is not necessarily an STI that has caused them. The symptoms that you describe can be caused by STIs but are much more commonly caused by non-sexually transmitted bacteria. I think it might be a good idea to see your GP who will look at alternative causes of your symptoms.

Many thanks