Ovulation and cervical changes


Okay so this is my first time posting in something like this but I can’t find any answers online so I’m hoping somebody here knows.

Essentially I take the combined pill and have been for years, except this month I ran out and forgot to order new packs before I was due to take them. I ended up getting a hold of them, and taking the first one, 4 days after my period ended which was when I was supposed to start them again.

It’s now been 5 days since I started taking them (8 days since my period ended and I was supposed to start them) and I am aware that I’m not protected from pregnancy until 7 days in but I’m wondering if that means I will still ovulate?

Last night I experiences cramping on the right side of my stomach which makes me think they were ovulation pains but when I checked my cervix right after I felt them it was low and I could feel it’s firmness which suggests I wasn’t… However, today I checked it again and I could no longer feel it at all so maybe I’m ovulating today? I’ve never checked my cervix before so I’m unsure whether the pill allows cervical changes to happen even if you’re not ovulating but it would be great to find out as there is little to no info on this specific topic that I have found.



Hello @throwaway

I am very sorry for my slow reply. Yes many people will ovulate if they go for more than 7 days without a pill so you may have felt ovulation pain.

Feeling your cervix to check whether you ovulated or not takes practice. If you are back on the pill then it will be difficult to do this as you will stop ovulating but if you want to find out more about it them most of the online information on natural family planning will explain how.

Many thanks