Pain in testicles


Hi @Dr_Paula

I had sex about a week ago and the condom broke, i may have gone abit rough because my testicles seem to ache 5 days after the fact. It isnt severe however i am struggling to keep an erection and have sex, but urination is not a problem.

Should i be worried for sti’s? The sex lasted approx. Without protection for 2/3 mins.


Hello @Niketick

Many thanks for your question.

If you have pain in the testicles then it does need to be assessed in a clinic.

That consultation will also give you the opportunity to talk through your other symptoms.

If you are at all concerned about STIs then it is so easy to test that I always think it is better to go ahead and test rather than worrying about whether you could have got an infection.

Many thanks



Thanks for your reply paula, i have tested and it was 3 days after the possible exposure. All came back negative today however i will be testing again in a week just to he sure. The Dr prescribed antiobiotics over the phone and said i could have a bacterial infection not due to an sti at all. I definately feel like the news has made me worry less and thus the pain has decreased but is still there.

Do you think its sensible to continue the course of medication anyway?