Pain peeing after vaginal swab test



I just did an STI test. I’ve only had sex with one person and we broke up nearly a year and a half ago, I’ve not been sexually actively since. He had been sexually actively before but said he didn’t have anything and I was on the pill so we didn’t use condoms. I want to have a test just to check he wasn’t lying and didn’t have anything. I’ve put it off for a while but did it today and it was a little painful (I’ve not had intercourse since). Now it hurts when I pee and is painful like a UTI feeling. Is it just because I am sore and haven’t had intercourse since so this caused a reaction and pain? Or should I be worried!


Hello @Xbbx

Apologies, I am a bit slow in replying this week.

Doing the swab should not be painful at all and it should not cause a UTI type feeling.

The swab is inserted into the vagina which is flexible and easily able to accommodate the swab and it would not normally come in contact with the urinary tract to cause an infection.

I think if you are experiencing UTI type symptoms then this may be a coincidence and should be something that you discuss with your doctor.

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Hi I am in almost exactly the same boat. Did you ever find out what caused the pain? Or how to fix it?


I have exactly the same problem! I feel so stupid! I probably did the swab wrong! Do you mind sharing your experience, please?? For how long did it hurt? It’s been just a couple or hours ago and I can’t handle it anymore.

Also, were the results of your test compromised because of this? Did you have to do it again?

Thank you!


Ah me too! Did the test yesterday and now I’m in so much pain every time I pee! Is it something that just ended up passing? Or did you need to see a doctor? I feel so dumb like I did it wrong but it’s not exactly complicated and I think It would be immediately obvious if it went up the wrong hole!


Hello All

I am aware that several people are having the same experience - but I can’t explain it at all.

The process of putting the cotton wool covered swab into the vagina should not affect the passage way that the urine comes from.

This diagram shows the anatomy. As you can see the urethra (where your urine comes from) is a very small opening. It is not really possible to insert a swab there.

Sorry not to be more help on this one.

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I had something VERY similar. STI test, felt uncomfortable after and peeing felt like someone was stabbing me with a hot poker.
Found out that actually, it is possible to insert the swab “in the wrong place”. After about a week or so the pain eases and you’re back to normal.
I would say it’s advisable to go to the doctor if the pain doesn’t ease after about a couple weeks or you have signs of bleeding etc.