Patch to stop nexplanon bleeding?


Hi @Dr_Paula,
I’ve had my implant in for around 3 weeks and I’ve been having periods of spotting/heavier bleeding ever since. My doctor has put me on Tranexamic Acid as a temporary solution but I still seem to be spotting and I’ve had enough. I want the implant removed as it’s also affecting my skin, but there’s a wait. I know the combined pill is a solution to help the bleeding while I wait for the implant removal, but I’m actually considering the patch in the long term as it seems like it has less side effects. As it’s the same hormones as the combined pill, am I correct in thinking the patch will be more likely to stop my nexplanon bleeding in the same way as the combined pill? Is it safe to have a patch while I still have the implant and am waiting for removal? Thank you in advance!


Hello @Laura2

Yes, absolutely - good idea. You can use the patch to stop the bleeding on nexplanon (as long as you have no contraindications to the patch) and yes it is fine to take the patch at the same time as the nexplanon.

Many thanks