Pelvic pain


He @Dr_Paula
Since having my implant fitted a month ago. I’ve bled ever since and in that time I’ve visited the doctor regarding lower right abdominal pain. It was suspected it was ibs. It last a few weeks since then I’ve now got pelvis tenderness and pain only on my right side. It flares up on occasions. Before I had my implant fitted I had a pelvis exam and ultrasound which was clear and I have also had sti checks which were all clear. The docs have done blood tests which were all fine. It’s just very strange. It’s right near or on my pelvic or stomach muscles which is tender just under my belly. Doctors dont seem concerned but I’ve never had this before and it seems strange that its started a week after I had the implant fitted before my period arrived. But the pelvic pain is still there as I’m still bleeding. Can the implant cause pelvic pain?


Hello @Nadine_Stacie

Many thanks for your question. Here is some information that might help you as you discuss this with your doctors, but from what you have told me it would be important to take a full history, and do an internal examination to find out what is causing the pain. As I cannot do this on the forum, I can only give you the information below and advise you to discuss this with your doctor.

People with pelvic pain and bleeding should always have a pregnancy test - even if they are on an effective method of contraception - this is important to exclude ectopic pregnancy.

Pelvic pain is not a known side effect of the implant.

Irregular bleeding is common in the first 3 months, but the usual advice is that your bleeding pattern at 3 months is likely to predict your bleeding pattern over the subsequent 3 years, so if you are still having a lot of bleeding at 3 months then you might want to re-think.

Hope that is helpful. Do let us know how you got on.

Many thanks