Periods on Desogeteral pill after 3 years @Dr_Paula



Hi @Dr_Paula and @DrRachel
I’ve been on the mini pill for just over three years. I use the brand Zeletta which is a desogeteral pill. My periods stopped completely after the first month of use. Very recently, I have had very light bleeding. Almost like a period is starting again. I regularly take pregnancy tests as I like to be sure. I am not pregnant. Can anyone help please?


Hello @Bubbaloon

Many thanks for your question. Bleeding patterns can be irregular on the progestagen only pill, but the normal advice is if you have a change in your bleeding pattern once it is established then. you should probably go to your sexual health clinic and just get checked for other causes - they would do an infection screen and look at your cervix to see where the bleeding is coming from.

Many thanks