Periods stopped with copper coil


@Dr_Paula hello. So I’m feeling super worried because I haven’t had a period since either December or January. I cannot think for the life of me if I had one in January. I began spotting a little bit from late Jan until recently but now that’s stopped altogether. I’ve had the non-hormonal coil for just over 3 years now. Apart from the first 6 months everything has been fine and ran pretty regularly. I have been for an STI test about 4 weeks ago, and had a pregnancy test whilst there. Everything came back negative. They had booked me in for a scan (she did a physical examination too and was pretty sure it was OK and good) just to double check my coil etc but that has now been understandably cancelled due to COVID-19. I just feel worried and very out of touch with my body. Unsure what’s going on and feel like everywhere I look it’s just a :woman_shrugging:t3:

Thanks in advance x


Hello @Beth_Poll

Many thanks for your question.

I don’t know why your period has stopped, but if you have a negative pregnancy test then that is very reassuring and you may wish to do another one just in case.

If the nurse who examined you could see your coil threads then that is very reassuring as well.

If she was concerned that the coil might not be in the correct place (i.e. she could not see the threads or the threads looked long) then using condoms as well might be advisable just until you know that the coil is correctly positioned.

The main thing is pregnancy really - if all the tests are negative then it may be a case of just waiting and seeing what happens. But it does depend on what the nurse saw when she examined you as explained above.

Does that all make sense?