Pill break?


I’ve been taking the pill since I was 15/16 and I’m now 26, have tried around 3 types of combined pills with breaks in-between. I’m currently on Femodette which seems to works for me but I do want to take a break from this pill for a few months to see how I feel (I don’t seem to have proper periods anymore which doesn’t bode well with me) to potentially put myself back on it again - is this advisable? Asking as when I’ve had pill breaks before they were the space of time between changing pills and have been longer periods of time (probably a year both times). Just need some advice as to whether it’s more hassle than it’s worth!


Hello @Liv,

Apologies for my slow reply. There is no evidence that having a break from the pill improves side effects or changes health risks at all.

So, from a medical perspective there is nothing to be gained from taking a break.

Many thanks