Pins, needles, itchy feeling and altered sensation in left side of face


Hi Paula,
Even after repeated tests, I live in a state of utter despair. A bit of context; last October I had what I thought was protected anal with an acquaintance. Condom slipped off and days later I went to GUM clinic for an initial test to check whether I had caught anything. Result days later was negative. I had a repeat test outside window period for hiv negative, and one after 12 weeks came back negative for hiv and syphilis. I then bought a self test kit from biosure at 6 months and it too was negative for hiv. However, throughout this entire ordeal to date, I still experience what I could only call a numbness in my left ear.
I’ve also had frequent breakout of sores on scalp and feet and boils that seem to pop up anywhere(x3 times in last 4 months) I’ve had swollen glands on either side of armpits. I can’t work out what the problem is here.
After several months of gp consultation (who thinks it’s anxiety related) I at wits end! I feel like a hopeless hypochondriac!! Help!!


Hello @Bundleofnerves

Many thanks for your question. Sadly, I do not know what is causing your symptoms and it is not really possible to make diagnoses on this forum, but from your testing history it does not sound like they can be related to HIV in any way.

It sounds like the most helpful thing is to separate the two issues. From what you have said, you do not need to worry about HIV from this episode. I am hoping that this will leave you free to try to solve the other problems that you describe.

i am sorry not to be more helpful on this one and hope that you find a solution.

Many thanks