Please help!


@Dr_Paula hello, I’m new to this forum and hoping for some help.

I’ve been struggling with contraception now for a while, I can’t seem to find an option which doesn’t cause me severe side effects. I’m starting to get very stressed and I need my GP to take me more seriously.

I’ve been asking my GP about sterilisation since I was around 16 (now 23) and every door has been slammed in my face, but I’m now fed up of the vomiting, stomach ache and fainting which hormonal contraceptives seem to cause me.

I’ve been diagnosed with autism this year and I’m more than 100% sure kids will not be a part of my life - I simply couldn’t cope. I want to be in control of my sex life without constant upset and sickness. How can I approach my GP to take me seriously? If I was to approach them for help to fall pregnant at my age they would take me seriously but not if I am sure I don’t want to? Argument being I may regret it…but you can regret having a child and that can’t be reversed. (I’m in a long term relationship and neither of us want kids. If this was to break down, a new relationship where the gentleman wanted kids would be an absolute deal breaker for me.)

Any tips on how to get my GP to take me more seriously and how to take further steps? Thank you.