Pop pill and migraine


@Dr_Paula Hi

I’d really like some advice please. Since my daughter was born 5 years ago (I’m now 39) I have been taking the progesterone only pill on and off. First I was on Cerelle for 18 months and started having migraines with aura every month or so, then every two weeks so I stopped taking it. I have since tried Noriday and Norgeston which give me low level headaches (although not migraines) on an almost daily basis. I have taken thrse for periods of six months to a year at a time before I find it too much and stop, only to restart a month or so later because I’m too anxious just to use condoms and it is very stressful.

My question would be, should I not be taking the pop pill if the migraines only started since taking it ( I had never in my life had one before this time)? I didn’t think there was a blood clot/stroke risk with pop pills but in the leaflet I notice it says to stop taking if you experience migraine/headache that started on the pill.

I don’t know where to go from here if this is the case because I have always had very heavy periods and so wouldn’t be keen to try the copper coil as the non hormonal option.



Hello @Harriet

There is no contraindication with migraine and the progestagen only pill. Basically, migraines involve a disturbance to the blood supply of your brain with some blood vessels narrowing. Blood flowing slowly in these narrow vessels clots more easily so you should not be on anything with oestrogen which could increase the risk of a blood clot. Progestagen only pills do not increase the risk of blood clotting and they are safe with migraines.

Having said that it sounds like they are not suiting you.

The combined methods (patch, ring, pill) are contraindicated because of the migraines.
The hormonal coil contains small amounts of circulating hormones and might suit you.
I always think natural cycles is a non-hormonal thing that is worth a try

Hope helpful



@Dr_Paula thank you. I just got a bit anxious when I googled and it was suggested that there is a small risk with progesterone only contraception - mainly the depo injection. Obviously at the moment given current events I won’t be able to ask about an appointment for a coil but I will bear that in mind. I like the idea of Natural Cycles and I’m very good with the routine of pill taking, so the new routine would be fine, but I don’t know if I would be anxious about the method failing. Thank you for your reply.