POP to implant?



I am currently taking Noriday POP (Norethistorone 350mcg) daily at the same time every day (pretty spot on- give or take half an hour) and have been for the last year?
For the last 7 months I have been experiencing bleeding for 5-7days atleast every 2weeks, if not more frequently. Bleeding is always brown/slightly red and ‘light’ aka could technically only use one tampon all day.

My friend previously had the implant and bled for 6 months until it was removed, another put on weight and another had difficulties with her ovaries when trying for a baby… therefore worried about switching to it. I go away in 2 months for the first time with my boyfriend and I don’t want to bleed whilst there.

I am not able to take oestrogen contraceptives.

Would switching from Noriday to the implant be beneficial for me?


Hello @AS123

Many thanks for your question.

First, can I link you with @Nadine_Stacie who has tried similar methods to you and it might be worth discussing or looking at her experience here Implant to cerazette

It is also worth looking at the post from @Gemma1 on why she loves the implant here Why I love the implant

Second it is worth looking at the research data on the impact of the implant on bleeding:
33% of people on the implant have infrequent bleeding (less than 2 episodes of bleeding/spotting in 90 days)
20% of people on the implant have no bleeding at all
17% of people on the implant have prolonged bleeding (at least 1 episode lasting more than 10 days in a 90 day stretch)
6% of people on the implant have frequent bleeding (more than 4 episodes of bleeding in 90 days)

There is no evidence at all to suggest that the implant will effect your fertility in the future.

Some women do report changes in weight on the implant but as yet we have no research evidence to prove this association.

The benefits are not having to remember to take a pill and very effective contraception with almost immediate return to fertility.

The final thing to say is that anyone with irregular bleeding should at least consider pregnancy (although yours has been going on for a long time so this association is unlikely) a test sexually transmitted infections and making sure that you are up to date with your smear tests.

Hope helpful.