Post Copper Coil Experience



I wondered if anyone shares my post copper coil removal experience & can offer ant helpful advice…?

I had a copper non hormone coil for 19 years, I’m now 38 & want to try the natural method in preparation for hopefully conceiving next year as I worry about leaving it too long.

Coil was removed in June 2020 & my cycles were like clockwork every 26-27 days until
I started having unprotected sex with my new partner using the natural method in Nov 2020.

I have had a string of symptoms each time we have sex which is worrying & confusing me as to why?

We had a lot of sex the first weekend and I ended up having a uti water infection and bacterial vaginosis for which I had 3 days antibiotics to treat.
The antibiotics gave me mild ibs and digestive issues and appear to have messed up my ph balance & good gut bacteria

This cleared up within 3 days and we had sex again, then later this week I was ill with what I can only assume was some sort of tummy bug / flu as I was nauseous, sick once, cold, achy & fatigued for 5 days, I rested and this cleared up

We had sex again then my period was late, it’s currently two weeks late / missed and this has never happened to me before? I’ve taken 5 x negative pregnancy tests so I don’t think I’m pregnant

We’ve had sex again and I felt dry and sore afterwards & this has now turned into thrush which is making me irritable and low in mood

I had a full check at the family planning clinic & they don’t think there’s anything to worry about just thrush probably caused by the antibiotics

My cycles were perfect after the coil removal for 5 cycles

it’s only since I’ve had sex with a new partner that these symptoms have started, he had a clear test result before we were intimate & I trust he wasn’t intimate with anyone in between

Is this common after having the copper coil removed and having unprotected sex? It’s not happened to me before but wonder if the copper altered my vaginal ph balance and now my bodies re adjusting to my partners ph now my coil is not affecting my ph?

Can anyone shed any light?
This is so annoying and irritating