Post Copper Coil IUD


I have had the copper coil fitted today, I must of spent 1hr 10 mins after being pampered by the Dr and Nurse. My blood pressure qnd pulse wouldn’t come up and I felt really nauseous. I finally left the clinic on the condition I call to let them know I have arrived home safely after my blood preassure came back up qnd I had a sugary drink and snack. About 1 hour later the cranking had increased and I felt like I needed to be sick. I ate a little bread and had 2 paracetamol then vomited about 10 minutes later. I went back to bed with a hot water bottle and tried some nurofen, this helped me settle into a nap and when I woke up, the cramping was less and i managed some toast and tea and 2 more paracetamol. 1 hour later and I’ve thrown up again, but the pain is less than how it started. Is this normal ? I’ve checked my temperature and I have no fever.



Hello @shamu

I am so sorry that you have had such a bad time with your coil fitting. It is almost impossible for me to make an assessment on this forum.

In answer to your question - is this normal? Many people have cramping after a coil is fitted - it is your soft, muscular uterus trying to get used to having a rigid piece of copper and plastic in it. I think the vomiting is less common - this is not uncommon at the time of fitting but usually settles down pretty quicly afterwards. In some people moving the cervix or neck of the womb induces nausea and vomiting but this usually settles.

This is not an emergency service and I can’t really advise, I think the best thing is to call 111 if it does not settle.

I am sorry not to be more help and I really hope it settles.

Many thanks,