Pregnancy and the pill


I’ve been on the combined pill for years and have never had any side effects I love it, but have started to get a little scared. I’ve been in a relationship for about a year and I’m scared I’m going to get pregnant whilst taking the pill as I know people who have- how likely is it and what symptoms should I look out for?


Hi @MGray,

I’ve been taking the pill for years and do also get a pang of worry when I hear other people’s stories but I am usually reassured by re-reading about the effectiveness (which is 99%+ when taken each day. Can’t ask for much more than that…)

As well as reminding myself of the things that can make the pill less effective so I can be aware if any of these things happen:

  • sickness or diarrhoea (if this happens then the pill may not have been absorbed into the body) so I would take another one if it settles on the same day - if not, I’d probably look into it a bit more or check with a dr.

  • missing pills or taking it late. (I make sure my packet is by the water filter jug as I always drink water when I get up…which reminds me to take it each morning)

  • I know that some medicines can make it less effective but this doesn’t apply to me at the moment…

You can find out more on the SH:24 information page about the combined pill here. There’s more details in the questions section about what to do if you’re sick or miss pills.

If there is something specific you’re worried about i’d reply and ask @Dr_Paula - I’m sure she’ll help!