Pregnancy chances



@Dr_Paula So, I came in my gf on 19 of April and gave her a plan B, her ovulation window was from 11-17 April, could she get pregnant or I am paranoid, will plan B work in such case? I usually can control myself in such situations, but this time was an exception, so I can be sure that she will not be pregnant right? I mean logically after the ovulation window ends after that comes the luteal phase of the cycle, that is practically impossible to be pregnant, can I be calm about the situation or I need to prepare her morally for an abortion? I’ve read that plan b if is taken after the ovulation window still makes the cervical mucus more dense so the sperm cells could not swim and potentially fertilizing the egg, is this true or just a myth? Moreover, in my particular case do I need to panic? I mean her cycle is regulated and if her ovulation window has ended (15th of April was the most dangerous day) and her egg was not fertilized within 12–24 hours after that time has passed should I be paranoid about the pregnancy or in my particular case it’s all ok and she will not be pregnant?